Know the town of Camariñas and surroundings

The fishing port of CAMARIÑAS, has its name derived from a small fruit tree (bush like) Endemic to the area called Caramiña, and is a Spanish municipality in the province of La Coruña in Soneira lands On the Coast of Death, that belongs to the Autonomous Community of Galicia, Camariñas is located in the estuary of the same name being this a very authentic and welcoming place of coast of death. It’s an ideal place to make base and travel around its surroundings, Enjoy its rich gastronomy and places of leisure. When you walk through its streets and harbor you will find that unique atmosphere full of traditions and beautiful seaman places, so characteristic that defines it.


From A Coruña you can easily access the turnpike C-552 towards Carballo in to the freeway AG 55 until the diversion of Vimianzo and take the LC-432 towards camariñas. This municipality has four parishes: Camariñas, Camelle, Ponte do Porto and Xaviña.


The art of the encaixe (Lace) it’s authentic and ancestral craftsmanship, since the Middle Ages or medieval times, Nowadays still can be listening to the clatter of bobbins lace as the "palilleiras" continue to produce this laborious lace work. Around this industry has being born dynamic companies with an export vocation and Local shops dedicated exclusively to the Promotion of bobbin Lace, which you will find on the promenade.


The local girls learn from a very early age, forming women of great skill in the making of the king product of Camariñas.

This ancestral art enjoys great international prestige and during the international fair of bobbin lace (Mostra do Encaixe) Which is celebrated every year in Holy Week (spring break) since 1991, Thousands of people come to see live and direct the works of local palilleiras and from all over the world Where bobbin lace is made.

Thanks to the biodiversity of our coast, is been incorporated into the protected natural space SCI (Site of Community Interest of the Costa da Morte) and part of the Natura 2000 Network. This is due to the fact that it has important marine ecosystems with a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna. Things that promote to develop diverse activities outdoors like: great hiking trails in unspoiled nature, beautiful beaches, and wonderful heritage sites.

There's so much to see and do, so to get you started, here's a list of outdoor activities you will definitely enjoy:


Beautiful and quiet beaches

  • Ariño Beach: Is 1,160 m long and 30 m wide, has spectacular views over the estuary and surrounded by a quiet pine forest, Features a picnic area.
  • Lingunde Beach: This is a semi urban beach with white sands and pebbles. The views over the Camariñas estuary are breathtaking from here.
  • Area da Vila Beach: Baside Camariñas.
  • Playa de Lago or de lago Beach. Between Camariñas and Cabo Vilán, to the west is the hermitages of Virxen do Monte.
  • Pedrosa Beach: unspoiled beaches of Reira, located north of Cabo Vilán.
  • Balea Beach: Beside Pedrosa, the views over the cape, the lighthouse and the islets of Vilán.
  • Reira Beach: At its western end is the so-called Pedra do Oso, and later the Pedra dos Namorados.
  • Do Trece Beach: Of great beauty, the continuous scour of the Atlantic gives it a desert appearance, with a sand dunes 150m and small fruit tree (bush like Endemic to the area called caramiña, that gives name to Camariñas).
  • Arou Beach: In Arou that has blue flag.
  • Lobeiras Beach: In Santamariñas.
  • Camelle Beach. In Camelle.

Ariño Beach

  • Ariño Beach


Cemetery of the English

Foso de los lobo

Santa Mariña church

  • Santa Mariña church


  • Faro Museum.
  • Encaje Museum.
  • Ethnographic Museum of A Ponte do Porto (appointment must be made by calling +34 981 730 998).
  • German Camelle Museum.
    • Festivities

      Festivities of Carmen. Held on July 16, with its ancestral Danza de Arcos and maritime procession.

      Festivities of San Juan, the night of June 23 is usually lit a large bonfire, many on the beach, which will burn all night to frighten "meigas and witches". The gastronomic accompaniment of the night are the typical sardines with caches and bread of wheat or brona (corn bread) that will be eaten throughout the night until it is time to skip the bonfire.

      Festivities da Praia, in July in Xaviña: Since the 60's, every July 25 is celebrated in the Recreational Area of ​​the Ariño (parish of Xaviña).

      Festivities do Caldo da Riola, in July in Ponte do Porto.

      Festivities of the "Holy Spirit", on Saturday, Sunday and Monday of Pentecost and the first Sunday of August, to the "Virgin of Carmen" Dance of Arches and maritime procession.

      In addition there are celebrations for the San Blas, Santa Mariña in Xaviña, San Miguel and Santa María in Camelle and San Xurxo and San Ramón in Camariñas.

      There are also different pilgrimages, in Ponte do Porto those of San Pedro in June and San Roque in August, in Arou the "Romería de San Bartolo" in August and San Roque in October, and in Camariñas on Sunday and Easter Monday The Pilgrimage of "The Virxen of the Mount".

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